Teacher of the Year in 2013 - economist

Published: 15 May 2013

Whoever gets the honor of receiving the prize is Olle Hage, teacher of economics at Luleå University of Technology. He is a teacher who is passionate about his subject and that sets high standards for its students. He is one of those who developed Economics at Luleå University so that it now has the highest rating by the Swedish Higher Education Autority.

- It's great to get the price, to get this appreciation by the students themselves. It happens very positive things in Economics at Luleå University of Technology, our process of change in recent years is now paying dividends. Among economics students at Luleå University reads fifteen percent are studying by us, compared to seven percent in the rest of the country, says Olle Hage, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, Technology and Society.

Students at Luleå University of Technology gives each year a prize for the teacher. The award goes to a teacher who students believe meets the criteria - commendable deeds teacher, teaching skills and dedication to the students. For this price, there  are students in the Faculty of, that may nominate their favorite teacher. The justification for Olle Hage to receive the prize reads:

Teacher of the Year, Olle Hage,has  by his passionate commitment, his great knowledge and his teaching skills created a great interest in his subject, which meant that students who have not previously had a thought of studying economics, have become a very keen interest in the area. Olle lectures and practice sessions are very appreciated, thanks in that he put a lot of work on the development of the various stages that challenge and develop students. Olle is very keen on that the students not only to complete their studies, but also for the students to do very well. His clarity about what he expects from students allows students always know what is required to achieve good outcomes. This allows Olle Hage is a deserved winner of the Teacher of the Year 2013.

For the one who is honored with this award, it is obviously difficult to explain himself, what it is in teaching that has made it appreciated, but Olle Hage makes an attempt, based on the reasons students themselves wrote:

- I believe that to be a good teacher you must have good subject knowledge, be committed and passionate about your topic, and give a good course structure with interesting lectures and seminars and examination forms that stimulate learning. Our quizzes (small sample) before the lectures have made that students are more well-read before the lecture so that they can understand the lecture better and the discussions give more. I know that some students think that I'm hard, others that I'm tough and fair, says Olle Hage.

- Another thing is that during the workshop where the students themselves to report answers to the problems given the task to solve, I do not let the students in the first place, but helps them finding the right solution for the accounts if they failed before , he says.

Year Prize 2013 awarded Teacher May 25.