Sweden's best learning environment

As Scandinavia's northernmost university, we want to take advantage of the strong contrasts between light and darkness, heat and cold. Light variation of the clock is part of our identity - and it should be visible in the interior in the form of light wood and choice of colors.

Here you not only go to lectures, you study and hang out most of the day and often well into the evening. Students at Luleå University of Technology will have the best student environment. Therefore, we are building more places where students can meet and socialize. In addition, increase the number of student places in Luleå by 50 percent to 2600 in two years. The university library, there are now 650 study places.

The indoor environment at the university open out onto Regnbågsallén using glazed façades. One of the frosted specially designed glasses with signs and symbols is a full 42 meters wide. The glazed sections will showcase a cafe and large teaching and learning environments and connects our indoor and outdoor environment during all four seasons. There will also be more food warming stations where you can warm your brought along food, modern adequate lecture rooms, flexible learning environments and more study rooms for study, many of which already are equipped with 55 inch screens for connected computers.

Study places are functional with high standards of good light and sound absorbing materials. It should be inspiring to study and look good. Light variation of the clock is a part of our identity, place, and it shows in the decor.

Sweden's best learning environment - we build it here!