Sveriges bästa studentmiljö kort
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Sweden's best learning environment

As Scandinavia's northernmost university, we want to take advantage of the strong contrasts between light and darkness, heat and cold. Light variation of the clock is part of our identity - and it should be visible in the interior in the form of light wood and choice of colors.

Experience our student environment

Sveriges bästa studentmiljö. 2016.
Good light is one of the requirements for our new student environment.
Studiemiljö i Luleå, A-huset
Our study areas are adapted both for studies and for socializing between the lessons.
Study Environment A-building, Luleå
Places to study for larger groups and smaller groups are spread across the university
Sveriges bästa studentmiljö. 2016.
Blue and gray colours are used in the decor.
Student environment, F-house Luleå
Our large window sections creates a lighter environment.
Student environment B-building Luleå
Study Environment Skellefteå
We're also rebuilding the study environment in our locations in Piteå, Skellefteå and Kiruna - a part of our student environment in Skellefteå is shown in this picture.
Classroom environment Luleå
Classroom environment in Luleå.
Students in the University Library
Students in our University Library.
Radio Studio Piteå
Our radio studio in Piteå.
Music Studio Piteå
One of our recording studios in Piteå