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två civilingenjörsstudenter på luleå tekniska universitet

Master of Engineering

As an engineering student at Luleå University of Technology will put you in touch with international and national companies through the university´s well-developed network of contacts.

Through project courses and master's theses, you can work with development assignments for the business community. You have close contact with university researchers who are also your teachers. If you want to study part of your education abroad, you have great opportunities when we work with universities in Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States.

What does an engineer do

An education as an engineer gives you opportunities for a variety of exciting jobs. Engineers can work with new product development, marketing, project management or method development. Civil engineers are often given leading roles in companies and it is not uncommon to be a manager or technical expert.

Labor market and future

As an engineer, you can work with almost anything! It's absolutely fantastic. It is that the job market for engineers is large, with many different areas you can work in.