My Lindblad blogs from Vienna

My Lindblad is 22 years old and comes from the small town Karlskoga. She and her boyfriend Kim moved to Luleå the autumn 2009 to become students at LTU. My is studying the Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineering and is now on the third year. As a part of the programme, both she and Kim chose to study a semester in Vienna.

- I chose Austria because I primarily want to learn a third language, German. I also wanted the opportunity to go with Kim and we both fell for Vienna. I also have relatives from Austria since my grandmother was born here, so I want to see where she grew up and visit relatives.

My starts with an intensive course in German and the other courses kicks off in March. Her goal with the exchange studies is to experience something new, learn the language and challenge herself. Follow My in the blog where she writes about everything that happens: