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We must make the future sustainable, equal and fair. Here you get the tools to make a difference. During the training, you will learn to solve climate challenges such as creating cleaner water, developing new smart technology or future sustainable products.

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Make contacts with potential employers already during your studies

Ida-Linn Näzelius is an alumnus of Luleå University of Technology and VP of Environment and Society at H2 Green Steel in Boden. The company has a great need for manpower with sustainability skills and collaborates with the university in the education of the engineers of the future.

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This is where the green transition takes place

In the coming years, multi-billion sums will be invested in Norrbotten and Västerbotten in large projects for a fossil-free society. Luleå University of Technology is involved in several of these highly topical research projects and we also have a wide range of educations to match the skills that are in demand.

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Digital open house - sustainability

Eager to start studying at Luleå University of Technology? During the broadcast, you get an insight into life as a student and our educations in sustainability.

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