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Supervisor training at the university

Published: 19 February 2016

The supervisor has a key role when teaching students go out on practice. It is with their help that the students learn to apply theoretical knowledge to practical operations. According to educators at the university supervisors can even counter the shortage of teachers.

- A successful placement of our students are the best advertisement for the business and many students have found jobs in their old internship. It is truly a win-win situation for both the university, the students and the business to have good supervisors, says Lena Nystrom, lecturer and head of supervisor training. This, together with Ulrika Bergmark, assistant professor.

Gives tools for supervisory roles

Supervisor training is aimed at practicing teachers and preschool teachers to supervise Luleå University teacher and preschool teacher students during their clinical training, also called practice.

- During training, the tutors gets the knowledge and tools so that they are ready to assume the supervisory role. Much is about developing a mentoring identity using their own experiences, education, literature and the practical application of the data they work with during the course, says Lena Nystrom and emphasizes the importance of good tutors.

- An tutor Is a very important person in practice, partly because he or she often has a solid professional experience and knowledge but also because the supervisor knows all the company's shares and is familiar with the child / student group.

Important part of teacher education programs

This week, the students who come from all over Norrbotten visited the university for the third time during training. Lena Nyström and Ulrika Bergmark has recently taken over the supervisor training and looks ahead with confidence.

- This is something that we both have been looking forward to, partly because practice is an important part of our teaching program, but also because we both have large exchange and learn a lot from working with practicing teachers and preschool teachers, says Lena Nystrom.


Ulrika Bergmark

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