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Praised by the Swedish Academy

Published: 1 October 2015

Agneta Nystrom, teachers and tutor for the university student teachers, was recently awarded the Swedish Academy Swedish Teachers' Prize for 2015. She was rewarded for her work in promoting student interest in the Swedish language and literature.

- This is obviously a great honor. It took a while before I was able to understand and digest I had received this award, says Agneta Nyström who normally works as a teacher at Hemängsskolan in Luleå.

A defense of democracy

The award was presented during the Book Fair in Gothenburg where she received the award from the Swedish Academy's permanent secretary Sara Danius. Agneta Nystrom think that is her great interest in the Swedish language that is the basis for her educational achievements.

- I think of the Swedish language in all subjects I teach, and I also use literature in teaching. In everything we do, students should use and develop their language and reading comprehension. Ultimately, I think it is a defense of democracy. When you have conquered the language you can also contribute to a democratic society, says Agneta Nystrom.

Supervising trainee teachers

Since many years Agneta Nystrom is also supervising student teachers when they go out on work practice.

- It is very exciting to meet young people entering the profession and be given the chance to influence how they think and how they teach, says Agneta Nyström who thinks that it is important for prospective teachers of Swedish to be active readers.

- A teacher is a role model, and then you have to have good knowledge of literature and be well versed in the Swedish language.

Learning from others

Sofia Larsson reads the third year of the Master programme in Primary Education, teaching in grades 4-6 of the compulsory school. She had Agneta Nyström as a supervisor during her first internship.

- It was a very fun time. We got to participate and follow the entire process from planning to implementation and finally evaluation. I think that you learn most when you see how other teachers are working and it makes practice so important. I also got the chance to test different methods but felt all the time that I had her support, says Sofia Larsson.