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Photo: Lars Andersson
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Cooperation for broadened recruitment of teachers

Published: 23 February 2017

A new collaboration between Luleå University of Tecnology and the foundation Teach for Sweden aims to broaden recruitment and attracting new teachers to the profession. Special focus is placed on students with higher education in mathematics and science.

The new program is called special additional educational training and is offered in collaboration with the foundation Teach for Sweden with start autumn 2017. Especially selected students are given the opportunity to complete their education to a teacher. Similar programs exist at Karlstad University and the University of Halmstad but education at Luleå University of Technology is unique in its kind.

- We are the only university that provides this training at a distance. It is thus completely independent of the students residence which is a strength, not least for us in northern Sweden. We know from experience that this is a recipe for success and we feel very confident working with distance and online training. Luleå University of Technology is also the only university to offer a graduate output to secondary school, says Lisbeth Lindström, assistant professor and program director at Luleå University of Technology.

Want to recruit scientific expertise

The idea of ​​the partnership is to attract students who feel an attraction to the profession, but for various reasons, have chosen a different education. Not least want to recruit engineers and students with scientific knowledge of the subject.

- There has been a shortage of teachers in science for a long time and it feels very good if we can be part of the effort to counter the shortage of these teachers. The prospective students who we so far have examined all had a background in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. It does of course not mean that we are not taking in students with different background, too, but this is a way to meet the needs in the areas where we have the biggest shortage, says Lisbeth Lindström.

High demands on the students

During the two-year program the students are placed at selected schools where one works at 80 percent and is studying the rest of  the time. In line with Teach for Sweden's vision of every child's right to education it is often at schools in socially deprived areas.

- They see it as important to be in the areas where there are challenges to work with and where it has been difficult to recruit teachers. These places demands high standards on our students but I am convinced that the combination of education at the university and leadership training from Teach for Sweden means they have a tool box that allows them to feel confident to meet these challenges, states Lisbeth Lindström.

Looking forward to the unique arrangement

Ida Gidlund Karlberg, operations manager at Teach for Sweden, looks forward to the cooperation and feel excited at the unique layup at Luleå University of Technology.

- Distance learning is very exciting and we've also got the impression that the Luleå University of Technology is working hard on innovation which fits our vision to contribute to a more equal school in a new way, says Ida Karlberg Gidlund and continues.

- We are expanding and noticed that the need for our business is the same in the north as in the south and central Sweden. This is especially apparent in our preliminary application numbers. Everything indicates that we are doing our best year ever.

Applying done via Teach for Sweden and the application deadline is 28 February.