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Photo: Tomas Bergman
Monica Johansson, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Arts, Communication and Education (KKL) Photo: Tomas Bergman View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Large numbers of applicants to teacher training

Published: 27 April 2016

Interest in teacher education at Luleå University of Technology only continues to grow. This year, the number of first-choice applicants to teacher training was ten percent more than the year before.

- It is very positive that the upward trend continues, says Monica Johansson, Head of the Department of Arts, Communication and Learning.

More nuanced picture of the profession

The teacher education programs at Luleå University of Technology is becoming increasingly popular among prospective students. The number of first-choice applicants to teacher training in Lulea University is now increasing for the fourth consecutive year. The reason for this may be due to various causes.

- I think that many people who really wanted to be a teacher some years ago chose a different education because of the low status of the teaching profession and weak wage growth, but there are now expectations of a change. That the new teacher training programs, with clearer structure and content is fully implemented may also have contributed to an increased interest. I hope and believe that the quality of education at Luleå University of Technology is of importance and is totally convinced that the format is important, the number of applications to distance teacher training speaks for itself, says Monica Johansson.

Attractive on the labor market

Despite the increased number of applicants, the number of graduating teachers not to cover the need in all areas fears Monica Johansson.

- It is good that we are training more teachers but it will not suffice for the needs. In some subjects, especially mathematics, physics and engineering, we have trained too few high school teachers. The students who will be graduating in these areas will certainly be very attractive in the labor market.

Increases training status

The growing number of first-choice applicants means that competition for places is getting tougher, which in turn raises the status of the education.

- It also means that students become more motivated to pursue the education. Larger volumes also means increased economic security that allows us to invest for the future, says Monica Johansson.


Monica Johansson

Johansson, Monica - Senior Lecturer

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