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Published: 10 January 2022

How would you describe Valmet to someone who does not already know you?

We are the leading global developer and supplier of technology, automation and service in the pulp, paper and energy industries. Our customers are other companies that, for example, manufacture paper or pulp. We are located in all different continents and have more than 14,000 employees. We are a global company and our customers are located all over the world. In Sweden, we are in several different places where Karlstad, Sundvall and Gothenburg are the largest.


Why are our students interesting to you?

The solid technical training provides an excellent basis for working with the advanced technology that Valmet offers. Because we work with many different technologies, it is difficult to name a particular program, but many of our engineers have a degree in mechanical engineering, technical physics or as a chemical engineer.

Regardless of whether you are aiming for a role where you immerse yourself as an expert and specialist or want to develop in, for example, project management or sales, we have many different development opportunities.

What do you see as a need for engineers in the future?

The need for committed engineers is great, both at Valmet and in general. With an engineering education at the bottom, there are many opportunities to find a job that you really enjoy. It should be fun to go to work!

As we know we will have a continuing need for sharp engineers, we also offer an international trainee program. As a trainee with us, you get to work in different departments for a year to get a broad insight into the business. A period in the program is also spent abroad at another of Valmet's units. So fantastic opportunities to learn a lot to get to know many people, it is really a fast track to development, both personally and together with Valmet.

Every year, the orientations in the program are a little different, and for what starts in 2022, we are looking for engineers in sustainability, research and development and structural analysis.

Tell us about Valmet's vision and how engineers can make a difference in you?

Our vision "To be the global champion in serving our customers" describes how we strive to deliver the best solutions to our customers. We are today a world leader in our industry. Here, engineers play a central role. Partly in developing the technology but also in adapting it to each customer's unique needs. And this applies to the products and equipment themselves, but also installation, maintenance and training of the staff.

In order to be a world leader, technological solutions are required at the forefront and which also help customers to achieve their environmental goals. Something that is not possible without our engineers. Everyone contributes with their special skills.


How would you describe it to be working at Valmet?

What many of our engineers appreciate about working at Valmet is that we are with the customers in every step through the project chain. Each step is equally important and many different areas of knowledge are involved, ranging from preparing a quote for a new machine to being on the customer's site and starting up the machine. We also provide expert knowledge when we help our customers develop their products. Our projects are complex and to succeed we work closely with both Valmet colleagues around the world and with our customers.