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Wrote music for the new blockbuster

Published: 14 October 2016

The assignment was to write the song the band Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) never wrote. Said and done - now David Myhr is in the spotlight with the single Spellbound which will be heard in Ulf Malmros new movie Flykten till framtiden.

- Each song is your baby but this one means a little extra for me because it has a central role in a large Swedish cinema movie. It feels good that it finally sees the light of day, said David Myhr, lecturer at Luleå University of Technology.

A childhood dream

David Myhr broke through in the band The Merrymakers in the 90s and has had a long career as a musician and songwriter. Alongside the musical act he also teaches in industry knowledge, songwriting and music production at the University's music courses. When songwriter Jimmy Lagnefors approached him and suggested a collaboration on a song for Ulf Malmros new movie David Myhr jumped on immediately.

- We have worked together before, and when I heard it was a song that would mimic my household gods in ELO I accepted directly. To have a song in a movie is a childhood dream, and a milestone that most songwriters hopes to realize. I also think we have succeeded in capturing the ELO sound in a good way, says David Myhr who likes to write for a given model.

- For me it is a tremendously stimulating way to work and funnily enough, the fact is that the more limited the creative framework is the easier it is almost.

Pop skills

The popstar dreams of his youth have faded slightly over the years but the passion for music is stronger than ever. And as academic, he sees the continuation of music-making as a form of professional development.

- It is important to not come to a halt in your own artistic process. When I teach our students, it is important to actually know what you're talking about, says David Myhr.

David Myhrs new single Spellbound released on Spotify and iTunes Friday, October 14th.
The film Escape to the future, the theatrical release on 11 November.

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Listen to Spellbound here

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