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Dual feelings about Iran Tour

Published: 10 April 2017

The Chamber Choir of the Music Academy at Luleå University of Technolgy heads out on a long-distance tour. In April the choir visits Iran for a week's tour.

- I look forward to meeting with new audiences, to learn more about a cultural sphere that I know little about. How do you communicate with an audience with different cultural background than that we come from, says Erik Westberg, professor at Luleå University of Technology.

Curious music lovers

The 32 students in the choir is joined by pianist Gabriel  kopparmark, Kjell Peder Johansson and already mentioned Erik Westberg on the trip to Tehran and Efsahan. There, the School of Music's Chamber Choir will perform works based in Scandinavian repertoire.

- We have a focus in a Nordic program with works by composition, Professor Jan Sandström, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Andrea Tarrodi and a lovely suite for choir and piano by Johannes Brahms, says Erik Westberg who feel excited about the trip.

- All those who spoke about their experiences to be in Iran, have mentioned the warm reception, all the warmth and thoughtfulness that met them. I think that we will be welcomed for those who we are - people who love music and are curious to experience one of the world's most important cultural areas.

A slight concern

Iran is known to be a harsh dictatorship with major flaws of human rights. It is of course nothing that escaped Erik Westberg and the other in the chamber choir.

- I think we're all a little tense, both of anticipation, but of course also with some concern, how will we handle this with the right clothing and codes of conduct, for example, says Erik Westberg and says that they will have to relate to a strict code of conduct.

- There are clear rules on how we should be dressed at concerts but also in private, another rule is that women do not get to sing solo, but there are enough ways to circumvent just that.

What do you think this kind of trip means to students in the choir?
- We will have experiences that we will forever carry with us the rest of our lives. I think we will understand people better and might be more humbled about man's many ways of looking at life and culture.


Erik Westberg

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