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Photo: Åsa Engström

Specialist nurse

Demand for specialist nurses is high in various areas.
Luleå University of Technology give you an opportunity to further develop and deepen your knowledge in the profession as a nurse. The programs are given as distance education.

The specialist programmes for nurses are for those who has a Swedish certification as a nurse, bachelor's degree in nursing and has worked as a nurse equivalent to at least 6 months full time.

The programmes at Luleå University of Technology is at an advanced level, leading to specialist nursing degree and master's degree in nursing. The programs are given at full speed as distance studies and provide the opportunity for flexible studies, this does not apply to the field of psychiatry, see the information on that specialization. In work-based studies, you get the opportunity to apply and deepen your theoretical knowledge.


Photo: Erica Lång
"I love my job in the ambulance"

This article is only available in Swedish.

Daniel Lindberg
"I wanted to learn more"

Daniel Lindberg studied to become a specialist nurse within primary health care.

Jennifer Eiderlöf
"Distance learning means you can plan your own time"

Jennifer Eiderlöf, Gällivare, is studying to become an intensive care nurse.

Photo: Privat
"Teacher who is passionate about the subject"

This article is only available in Swedish.