Become a student at Luleå University of Technology

When you become a student at Luleå University of Technology, you will get a world-class education.

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Teacher student Malin Åsén guides you around the university area in Luleå


"I want to work to get more girls become an engineer"

Madeleine Jakobsson is 22 years old and study the Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Madeleine Jacobsson, Master Programme in Civil Engineering Photo: Richard Renberg

Life as a student in Luleå

When lectures and tenths are over, the other part of life as a student begins.


Luleå University of Technology

52 per cent of our students are women and 48 per cent are men and we are therefore one of the universities in Sweden that have the most equal gender distribution. We have 15 100 students and 98.5 percent of our alumni have jobs. The university has 1,700 employees and we conduct research in 69 different subjects.

bakgrund till faktakort

Which programme is right for you?

Photo: Petra Älvstrand

We have snow!

Snön finns i norr

Appreciated among companies

A-house student environment Photo: Nicke Johansson