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D0009E - Introduction to programming

Published: 3 March 2008

More information in Swedish.

Without software, a computer can do nothing. There are computer programs that allow a computer to perform the tasks we're used to, surf the web, send e-mail, write documents, etc.. Although the main OS on your computer (windows, linux, mac os x, solaris, * bsd, ...) is a computer program.
In this course you learn from scratch to write computer programs; to program computers. Everything is reviewed from the beginning and you do not know how to program before. In this course we use the programming language python, which is a modern and good language to start programming in. The course includes a number of labs where you get to practice their newly acquired programming skills by solving specific problems. After the course mastered programming at a basic level and can write simple computer programs

Examiner and teacher

Fredrik Bengtsson (Examiner & teachers)

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