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Sketching and drawing 7.5 credits

Skiss- och rittekniker
First cycle, D0054A
Course syllabus valid: Spring 2023 Sp 3 - Present
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Education level
First cycle
Grade scale
U G#
Industrial Design
Subject group (SCB)
Other Subjects within Technology

Entry requirements

In order to meet the general entry requirements for first cycle studies you must have successfully completed upper secondary education and documented skills in English language + Swedish upper secondary school courses Physics 2, Chemistry 1, Mathematics 4 or Mathematics E.

More information about English language requirements


The selection is based on final school grades or Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Course Aim
The course aims to provide basic knowledge and practical skills in communication through basic sketching, drawing and illustration techniques, both analog and digital. As a result of the course, the student should demonstrate:
Knowledge about
•    How different sketching techniques and composition of illustrations can visualize architecture in built environment in different contexts
•    Scales and degree of details in built environment and how this can be communicated
•    Sketching techniques: different manners and techniques
•    Basic drawing and painting: color theory, color theory and color techniques
•    The basics of 3D projection
•    How architecture can be communicated through different sketching techniques and for different target groups
•    How different types of drawing and coloring techniques work in different media (e.g. different architectural presentations)
•    Analog hand-drawn sketching versus digital illustrations
•    The value of sketching as a creative work tool and as a basis for presentation and communication of architectural and technical solutions in built environments
Skill and ability to
•    visualize ideas and concepts through freehand sketches and perspectives
•    visualize the whole and details of the built environment through both analog and digital technologies
•    Sketching in different techniques, scales and degree of detail for both building and city building
•    Draw in planes, sections, facades and simpler 3D projections
•    Draw plans and perspectives for built environment
•    Develop the sketch with regard to color, light and shadow
•    Use digital tools for image editing and graphic communication
Judgment and validation ability to
•    Assess and value different sketching techniques against each other
•    Reflect on one's own sketching and show ability for own competence development

The course includes the use of different types of analogue sketching and drawing techniques and materials such as pencils, markers, fineliners and watercolors as well as handwriting with text and letters in uppercase. It also includes 2D projection of plan, facade and section, as well as sketching techniques for different scale areas and built environment. In the course we work on the development of sketches with the help of hatching, lighting, shadowing and coloring. We treat basic 3D projection, people, vegetation, environments etc. in different scales and proportions. In the course you will practice visualization of different geometries, materials and textures and we use digital tools for image editing, layout and visual communication for example: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

Each course occasion´s language and form is stated and appear on the course page on Luleå University of Technology's website.
Lectures with integrated exercises. The course has a great deal of independent work with both group and individual exercises, hand-ins and feedback. The course comprises a large number of exercises and assignments that are partially performed during the scheduled course elements and are largely completed during the rest of the course time. Compulsory attendance.

If there is a decision on special educational support, in accordance with the Guideline Student's rights and obligations at Luleå University of Technology, an adapted or alternative form of examination can be provided.
Approved assignments. Presence in classes. Marks U, G#

Students must register for the courses themselves, or contact ETKS educational administration,not later than three days after the quarter commences. Failure to do so can result in the place being lost. This rule also applies to students with a guaranteed Place.

The course replaces the course D0021A.

Due to similar content, the course can not be included in a degree together with the course D0021A or other courses with similar content.

Maria Miller

Literature. Valid from Spring 2021 Sp 3
Ching, Francis D.K. Architectural graphics. 2015

Course offered by
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts

CodeDescriptionGrade scaleCrStatusFrom periodTitle
0001Sketching and drawing 1U G#1.50MandatoryS21
0002Sketching and drawing 2U G#2.00MandatoryS21
0003Sketching built environmentU G#2.00MandatoryS21
0004Digital sketching and communicationU G#2.00MandatoryS21

Syllabus established
by Director of Undergraduate Studies Daniel Örtqvist, Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences 14 Feb 2020

Last revised
by Director of Undergraduate Studies Daniel Örtqvist, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts 04 Nov 2021