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Advanced prototyping 7.5 credits

Avancerad modellbyggnad
Second cycle, D7011A
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2021 Sp 1 - Present
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Education level
Second cycle
Grade scale
G U 3 4 5
Industrial Design
Subject group (SCB)
Other Subjects within Technology

Entry requirements

At least 120 credits in the art. Design: process and method (D0030A) 15 credits, Design: theory and practice (D0037A) 15 credits, Computer-aided design (M0010T) 7,5 credits or Computer Aided Industrial Design (D0005A) 7,5 credits or equivalent knowledge.

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The selection is based on 20-285 credits

Course Aim
Students shall after the course be able to choose what kind of methods to use for building of models and prototypes for different applications. They shall understand the process and techniques to develop models for testing of form, function and how components integrate in the model.

Introduction. Lectures covering different model building techniques. Project work in small groups, hands-on laborations, building of model/prototype.

Each course occasion´s language and form is stated and appear on the course page on Luleå University of Technology's website.
The students will design a product according to provided instructions and shall choose the appropriate model building technique, planning the manufacture of a model/prototype and eventually manufacture it. Parallel with the project different model building techniques and various uses of models and prototypes will be present, during lectures and laborations

If there is a decision on special educational support, in accordance with the Guideline Student's rights and obligations at Luleå University of Technology, an adapted or alternative form of examination can be provided.
To pass the course the students shall present a model with adequate quality and model building skills. All assignments shall be approved. A workbook, oral presentation and exhibition of model shall be done. Presence during lectures, labs and presentation are mandatory. Grade scale: U 3 4 5

Students must register for the courses themselves, or contact ETS educational administration , not later than three days after the quarter commences. Failure to do so can result in the place being lost. This rule also applies to students with a guaranteed place.

Peter Törlind

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2013 Sp 1 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Handouts during the course

Course offered by
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts

CodeDescriptionGrade scaleCrStatusFrom periodTitle
0001Approved laboratory work and approved presentationsG U 3 4 57.50MandatoryA11

Syllabus established
by 07 Feb 2011

Last revised
by Director of Undergraduate Studies Daniel Örtqvist, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts 17 Feb 2021