Physics and chemistry, VFU 7.5 Credits

Fysik och kemi, VFU
First cycle, F0024T
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2011 Sp 1 - Spring 2009 Sp 4
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Syllabus established
The syllabus was established by the Department of Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering 2007-02-28, and remains valid from autumn 2007.

Last revised
by Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics 08 Aug 2011

Education level
First cycle
Grade scale
U G#
Subject group (SCB)

Entry requirements

General entry requirements, first cycle

Specific entry

Basic knowledge of physics and chemistry correspounding to F0023T and K0014K.

More information about English language requirements

Course Aim
To give the students
- practical knowledge and experience of teaching in physics and chemistry.
- knowledge of how to connect the theory education to the classroom.

The student shall take responsibly for plans and to realise an education part in physics and/or chemistry. The students shall observe there pupils, discuss physical education with other teachers and make a report about physics and/or chemistry education in school.

That together with his/her supervisor and the staff the school discuss didactic and other questions to get an knowledge of different tasks concerning the work in a school how to teach pupils..

For the examination the basis will be
- the presence (which is an obligatory for the students)
- carry through the tasks in the course.
Together with the supervisor at the university, judge if the student
- is fit for the job as a teacher
- get a passed judgement from the teacher at the school where the student made his/her practice
-the quality of the written report

Mats Näsström

Transition terms
The course F0024T is equal to MTF405

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2011 Sp 1 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
- Kursplaner i fysik och kemi, Skolverket (
- Börje Ekstig (2002), Naturen, naturvetenskapen och lärandet. Studentlitteatur
ISBN 9789144041261
- Svein Sjøberg (2000), Naturvetenskap som allmänbildning –en kritisk ämnesdidaktik. Studentlitteratur, ISBN 9 789144009995
- Helge Strömdahl, (2002) Kommunicera i naturvetenskap i skolan – några forskningsresultat. Studentlitteratur ISBN 9 789144040776
- Brusling, C. & Strömqvist, G.(1996) Reflektion och praktik i läraryrket. Studentlitteratur. ISBN 91-44-00089-8

Course offered by
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics

0001Work placement7.5U G#