International Orchestra Academy - Horn 60 credits

Internationell orkesterakademi - Horn
Second cycle, F7048G
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2021 Sp 1 - Present
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Syllabus established
by Patrik Häggqvist, Director of Undergraduate Studies at the Department of Arts, Communication and Education 30 Sep 2019

Last revised
by Director of Undergraduate Studies Daniel Örtqvist, Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences 28 Sep 2020

Education level
Second cycle
Grade scale
Subject group (SCB)
Main field of study
Musical Performance

Entry requirements

Bachelor of Arts in music or equivalent and two approved admission tests. Basic knowledge of English is recommended. The first admission test consists of submitted work samples of selected music in video format as electronic files. The selected music is presented on LTUs webpage Applicants with approved work samples will be called to a second admission test, which consists of an audition. Fler detaljer om kursen och ansökningsförfarandet (provspelningar, vilka utdrag som ska skickas in, m.m.) publiceras den 1a december på och Under tiden vänligen kontakta

More information about English language requirements


The selection procedure is based on the second admission test.

Selection group
Alternative: 100%

Course Aim
This course aims to provide students with heightened knowledge and comprehension of their role as an orchestra musician.
Upon course completion, the student will be expected to demonstrate: 

  • Deepened knowledge of classical orchestra repertoire and the skills to study this repertoire alone or in a group 
  • Enhanced skills in musical interaction and cooperative listening 
  • Enhanced skills in personal artistic expression and performance in classical music 
  • Enhanced skills in intonation, timbre, balance, tone creation, rhythm, articulation, and other musical attributes essential to symphony orchestra musicianship 
  • Enhanced appreciation and understanding of scenic expression 
  • An understanding of the Symphony Orchestra as a vital part of the cultural life, and a deepened knowledge in Scandinavian classical and contemporary music

  • Rehearsals and concerts  
  • Sectionals 
  • Chamber Music  
  • Individual lessons   
  • Lectures
  • Mock auditions   

The course is given together with Konserthuset Stockholm/Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra where students are guided by orchestra members and take part in normal concert productions.

Students are evaluated according to the course description. 
The Final examination consists of one mock audition, one orchestra production and one chamber music production. A jury consisting of the examiner and the individual tutors judges the achievements by the student in relation to the aims of the course.  
To achieve the grade VG, at least two of the following three criteria must be fulfilled:
  • The mock audition section of the examination must be performed at a level consistent with a successful audition to a professional symphony orchestra 
  • The orchestra production section of the examination must be performed at a level consistent with a successful probationary period in a professional symphony orchestra 
  • The chamber music production of the examination must be performed at a level consistent with a successful probationary period in a professional symphony orchestra   

Petter Sundkvist

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2020 Sp 1 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
The sheet music required for course completion will be provided by Konserthuset Stockholm.

Course offered by
Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences

CodeDescriptionGrade scaleHPStatusFrom periodTitle
0001Rehearsals and Orchestra Productions 1U G#13.50MandatoryA20
0002Chamber Music 1U G#7.50MandatoryA20
0003Lecture Seminar 1U G#1.50MandatoryA20
0004Mock AuditionsU G#7.50MandatoryA20
0005Rehearsals and Orchestra Productions 2U G#8.50MandatoryA20
0006Chamber Music 2U G#5.00MandatoryA20
0007Lecture Seminar 2U G#1.50MandatoryA20
0008Final examinationU G VG15.00MandatoryA20