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Design, Gender and Aesthetics

7.5 Credits, Course, bachelor's level, G0005A
Internet course, with individual studies. After the course students shall have knowledge of basic design, aesthetics and gender theory. Students shall have gained familiarity with design that challenges stereotypes of women and men.

The course contains the following elements:
• The concepts of gender and equal opportunities for women and men: their history and how they are used today in research and development. The choice to “go with the flow or turn the tables” - both options are possible and legitimate - the course idea is to shed light on the choice as such.
• The concept of design and its meaning, basic design theory; Design as tool for normative intervention, how societal norms are reflected in design. Feminine and masculine aesthetics in commercial and popular culture.
• Design and aesthetics as an expression of the individual and his or her world. Notable design examples put in context – individual designers, originators and craftspeople and their works.
• Exercises based on
Karin Widerberg’smemory work method, adapted to the design and visual language.


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The course syllabus includes a description of the course and literature to be used. Within ten weeks before the course starts, a current course syllabus is published.

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Maria Uden

Maria Uden, Professor

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