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Course G7009B - Tailing dams and dam safety.

Published: 6 April 2009

The course is offered in cooperation with SWEMIN

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Mining dams and dam safety


3 hp (2p)

Grading (3/4/5, U / G / VG or U / G

U / G

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Civil Engineering (VVA)

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D (Level M)

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T 100%



Syllabus Mining dams and dam safety, 3 credits

Contact: Martin Lindmark
Examiner: Sven Knutsson


The course is intended primarily for staff involved in the operation and maintenance of tailings dams, consultants and staff of the licensing authorities. Basic knowledge of dams and geotechnical engineering is desirable.

Aim of the course

  • Present design of some different types of tailings dams and also deposition methods
  • Demonstrate basic factors affecting the stability and possible damage to the dam body
  • Explanation of the various methods of operation, supervision, maintenance and restoration of mining ponds
  • Present legislation.

Course content

A course for people working with the mining ponds in the mining industry, as consultants, contractors or of supervisory authorities. The course covers issues related to disposal of tailings from the mining industry that are deposited in tailings dams.

The following topics covered in the course

  • Foundations 
  • Filling Dams
  • Mining Ponds
  • Law
  • Hydrology
  • Utskovsanordningar
  • Instrumentation
  • Contingency
  • Risk Analysis


Instruction is in boarding school 3 +3 days normally fall / spring or spring / autumn. Instruction is given in lecture form, with individual work and group work. In this course, students carry out exercises, rehearsing, and project information. The data presented both orally and in writing


Completed exercises, rehearsing, and project information
Literature defined 2007-06-11


Course and lecture material was developed by people working in universities, consulting firms and government agencies, all with proven knowledge and experience in dam safety work:

The teaching is supported in addition to the following literature: ICOLD Bulletin 106, APELL for Mining, mining and ridden parts of DISCLAIMED.

All literature is provided in Fronter


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