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Informations management and modelling 7.5 credits

First cycle, I0003E
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2021 Sp 1 - Present
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Education level
First cycle
Grade scale
U G VG *
Subject group (SCB)
Informatics/Computer and Systems Sciences
Main field of study
Social Informatics, Information Systems Sciences

Entry requirements

In order to meet the general entry requirements for first cycle studies you must have successfully completed upper secondary education and documented skills in English language and Good knowledge of design of IT systems, corresponding Design of IT (I006N) and IT design from a system perspective (I0005N) and good knowledge of database skills corresponding to Databases I (D0004N) and Databases II (D0005N).

More information about English language requirements


The selection is based on 1-165 credits.

Course Aim
After passing the course, the student should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding
  • Manage and structure a company's information based on theory and using digital tools

Skills and Abilities
  • Describe and analyze different concepts that ensure communication between parties
  • Describe and analyze a company's information, its meaning, structure and rules in order to then be able to develop different information models
  • Design solutions that ensure that different stakeholders receive the information required to work effectively

Evaluation ability and approach

  • Critically review, evaluate and reflect on information models

This course focus on the student accuiring and applying knowledge related to describing, modeling, analysing, manage and design an organisations information. The student learn how to structure information that forms the basis for design of digital services. During the course, the student will work practically and in laborations by applying their knowledge to ensure that the information models present information that are relevant, accurate and usable for its users. After the course, the student should be able to apply innovation theories to design and develop information processes.

Each course occasion´s language and form is stated and appear on the course page on Luleå University of Technology's website.
This course is given both on campus and at a distance. Within the framework of the course, the student participates in various teaching elements such as workshops, discussion seminars, group work, critical review and lectures. The student works independently and is trained in describing, modeling and presenting information from several perspectives. During the course, the student also practices presenting his work in shorter reports and presentations and giving and receiving feedback to other students. The student will also independently identify relevant issues in relation to the area, which then forms the basis for discussion. Between the meetings, the students communicate with teachers and classmates via e-mail, and an online learning platform. In this course, the learning platform is used to make information, course materials and assignments available and to handle assignments.

If there is a decision on special educational support, in accordance with the Guideline Student's rights and obligations at Luleå University of Technology, an adapted or alternative form of examination can be provided.
All included examination parts must be completed for the final grade on the course:

- Individual assignment 4.5 credits, TG U G VG
Iterative development of models for information architecture and reflective logbook about own learning. Peer review and feedback on other students' work. Individual information is reported in writing.

- Group assignments, 3.0 credits, TG U G #
Production of needs documentation, development of information models and practical implementation in a CMS. Group information is reported in writing and orally.

Mandatory attendance is required at seminars.

Johan Wenngren

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2018 Sp 1 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Information Architecture, Designing for the Web and Beyond (4th edition)
ISBN 9781491911686

Course offered by
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering

CodeDescriptionGrade scaleCrStatusFrom periodTitle
0001Compulsory individual assignmentsU G VG *4.50MandatoryA18
0002Compulsory group assignmentsU G#3.00MandatoryA18

Syllabus established
by Jonny Johansson, HUL SRT 15 Feb 2018

Last revised
by Jonny Johansson, HUL – SRT 25 Feb 2021