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Saami Law 7.5 credits

First cycle, J0020N
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2021 Sp 1 - Present
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Education level
First cycle
Grade scale
U G VG *
Subject group (SCB)
Law and Legal Studies

Entry requirements

In order to meet the general entry requirements for first cycle studies you must have successfully completed upper secondary education and documented skills in English language and basic eligibility. Any course in legal issues alternatively work experience within legal issues in the area, is recommended.

More information about English language requirements


The selection is based on final school grades or Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Course Aim
After completed course the student shall be able to: 
• give an account of historical events and their influence on the Swedish legal framework 
• describe how international law on Indigenous and minority people’s rights, including other national areas of law, affect Sami law
• give an account of the legal basis of traditional Sami industries and livelihoods, and
• with the support of the above mentioned topics, analyse and discuss legal problems within Sami law. 

The course focuses on the Sami use of land, waters and other natural resources, and land-use conflicts with other industries, livelihoods and public interests. The course focuses on the recognition of Sami rights to land and natural resources through protracted uses, and analyses and discusses land mark cases. Other legal areas are addressed, such as international law, constitutional law, public administrative law and environmental law, and how these areas of law affect the Sami law and the Sami as an Indigenous people, particularly with respect to traditional Sami industries and activities. Attention to historical events and legal history are included. This course welcomes all students and individuals with an interest in Sami issues, and employees that, in one way or another, come across Sami legal issues in their work.

Each course occasion´s language and form is stated and appear on the course page on Luleå University of Technology's website.
This is a distance-course. The course consists of recorded lectures as well as on-line classes and seminars. For seminars, of which some are obligatory, the student shall prepare pre-distributed questions and/or case law. The course is finalized with a quiz and a written on-line exam. Throughout the course the student will practice on both oral and written argumentation and learn to discern what matters that are legally relevant.

If there is a decision on special educational support, in accordance with the Guideline Student's rights and obligations at Luleå University of Technology, an adapted or alternative form of examination can be provided.
Oral and written assignments are included in the course. The final grade depend on the result of the written on-line exam. For “approved” the student must show that he och she fulfil the course aims, that is, answer the questions with support of relevant legislation and provisions and/or case law with a logical and stringent argumentation. For obligatory seminars the student shall, to be “approved”, present well-motivated answers with support of literature, legislation and/or case law, and participate actively in the discussion. These assignments also relate to the course aims, of which the student shall demonstrate. Basic knowledge and concepts included in the course are verified via a quiz.

Students must register for the courses themselves, or contact ETS educational administration, not later than three days after the quarter commences. Failure to do so can result in the place being lost. This rule also applies to students with a guaranteed place.

Christina Allard

Transition terms
The course J0020N is equal to IER358

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2021 Sp 1 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Christina Allard, Renskötselrätt i nordisk belysning. Makadam, 2015.
Lennart Lundmark, Lappen är ombytlig, ostadig och obekväm, Norrlands universitetsförlag 2002.
Lennart Lundmark, Så länge vi har marker: Samerna och staten under sexhundra år, Rabén Prisma, 1998.

Case law, articles, book chapters and other material may be added, and is then part of the course curriculum.

Course offered by
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts

CodeDescriptionGrade scaleCrStatusFrom periodTitle
0003SeminarU G#3.00MandatoryA21
0004Written examU G VG *3.50MandatoryA21
0005QuizU G VG *1.00MandatoryA21

Syllabus established
The syllabus was established on February 28, 2007 and is valid from the autumn term 2007.

Last revised
by Director of Undergraduate Studies Daniel Örtqvist, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts 17 Feb 2021