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Published: 6 November 2014

IDE -developers is a course that will support students who want and are interested in developing an idea or an identified need and move further towards entrepreneurship.

The course ranges from having a sense of a problem area in which students are supported in finding opportunities for new ideas and products to a relatively well formulated and defined product concept where students are supported in parallel also formulate their business plan. Business Acumen, in short, an understanding of their role in the project / company and an understanding of how ideas can be developed and sold in order to create value for others, is indicative of the course.

The course covers a wide area, and the student is expected after completion of the course have developed the ability to have an understanding of how these areas are interrelated and contribute in the development process from concept to a concept or a finished product. The student should be in a supportive environment to develop their ability to see opportunities and articulate a vision, set targets and goals and translate them into action, ie develop their strategic, tactical and operational abilities.