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Applied Mathematical Economics

7.5 Credits, Course, bachelor's level, N0005N
Economists with knowledge in mathematics are becoming more demanded in the job market. Applied mathematics for economists is the course for you who are prepared to meet this demand.

After the course the student will have the ability to apply mathematical methods to analyze economic problem in higher studies in economics. Specifically, this means that the student should have the ability to without the support of a mathematical manual be able too: • Simplify linear and non-linear functions and interpret economic information from these functions • Solve linear and non-linear equations. • Solve systems of linear equation with more than two unknown variables. • Apply rules of differentiation on economic problems with the purpose of doing comparative static analysis and for solving economic optimization problems. • Use integration for calculating economic areas such as consumer surplus and producer surplus. • Use spreadsheet software, such as Excel, to perform economic calculation and for presenting both input and output data.


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The course syllabus includes a description of the course and literature to be used. Within ten weeks before the course starts, a current course syllabus is published.

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Olle Hage

Olle Hage, Senior Lecturer, Recognised University Teacher

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