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Courses at Luleå university of technology

Intermediate Macroeconomics B

7.5 Credits, Course, bachelor's level, N0006N
Would you like to develop your understanding of the effects of fiscal and monetary policies on your, and the societies, economic situation? If so, then this is a course aimed for you.

The course aim is to enhance the understanding of macroeconomic theory and to develop the student’s ability to perform independent economic analysis. After the course the student should be able to: • Apply macroeconomic theory on current economic problems: for example to explain the pros and cons by introducing the Euro in the European Union. • Analyse macroeconomic issues: for example what is the role of fiscal and monetary policy in a small open economy like Sweden? • Determine and evaluate the economic effects of different decisions: for example to explain the effects of expansionary/restrictive monetary policy.


Do you want to know more about the course?

The course syllabus includes a description of the course and literature to be used. Within ten weeks before the course starts, a current course syllabus is published.

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Jerry Blomberg

Jerry Blomberg, Senior Lecturer, Head of Division

Organisation: Economics, Social Sciences, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
Phone: +46 (0)920 492335