Basics in Stonework 7.5 Credits

Grundkurs stenbearbetning
First cycle, O0017K
Course syllabus valid: Spring 2013 Sp 3 - Present
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Syllabus established
Course plan approved by the Department of Chemical Engineering and Geosciences 2007-02-28.

Last revised
by Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering 15 Feb 2013

Education level
First cycle
Grade scale
U G#
Ore Geology
Subject group (SCB)
Earth Science and Physical Geography

Entry requirements

In order to meet the general entry reguirements for first cycle studies you must have successfully completed upper secondary education and documented skills in English language.

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Selection A

Course Aim
After the course the student will be able to make the first cutting and shaping of stones.

Tools for cutting, grinding and polishing. Safety regulations. Cutting, shaping and polishing of various types of rocks and in different shapes.

Lessons and practicals.

Theoretical exam and presentation of cut and polished stones.
Students who have failed an examination on five occasions will not be allowed further resits.

Torbjörn Lindwall är ansvarig för genomförandet av såg och slipundervisningen liksom för instruktioner om drift och säkerhet vid hantering av stenbearbetningsmaskinerna

Christina Wanhainen

Transition terms
The course O0017K is equal to KGO502

Literature. Valid from Spring 2013 Sp 3 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
To be borrowed from Kristallen AB.

Course offered by
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering

0001Written exam1.5U G#
0002Exercise6.0U G#