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Nursing in Psyciatric ill-health 7.5 credits

Omvårdnad vid psykiatriska sjukdomstillstånd
First cycle, O0019H
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2019 Sp 2 - Present
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Education level
First cycle
Grade scale
U G VG *
Subject group (SCB)
Nursing Science

Entry requirements

In order to meet the general entry requirements for first cycle studies you must have successfully completed upper secondary education and documented skills in English language and The course assumes knowledge equivalent to: O0083H Nursing in medical and surgical illness including Nursing Techniques 7.5 credits O0082H Nursing, Communication and education in nursing, 7,5 credits O0005H Nursing, Health and Suffering in illness, 7.5 credits M0082H Medical Science, Medicine and Surgery, 7,5 credits The course requires furthermore the following passed courses or test O0055H Fundamental principles in nursing, 7.5 credits O0047H Nursing: Health, 7.5 credits O0003H Nursing, Nursing Interventions, 7.5 credits O0078H Nursing, Environment and Prevention 7.5 credits M0048H Medical Science A, Anatomy and Physiology, 7.5 credits M0002H Medical Science A:2, Microbiology and Infection control, 7.5 credits M0039H Medical Science, basic pharmacology, physiology and pharmaceutical calculaltion, 7.5 credits A0018H Psychology in position to Nursing, 7.5 credits Test 0004 Evaluation of professional competence O0029H Nursing, Nursing in medical/surgical disease, 7,5 credits

More information about English language requirements


The selection is based on 1-165 credits.

Course Aim
The student should, on completion of the course, with an ethical approach, be able to:
  • identify signs of mental illness
  • create conditions for a safe and trustful nursing relationship
  • assess patients' needs for, carry out, document and evaluate nursing interventions that promote mental health
  • explain and give examples of the application of laws and regulations regarding compulsory psychiatric care
  • adequately handle drugs and inform the patient about the drug's effects and side effects
  • demonstrate self-knowledge and empathetic ability
  • identify his/her need for additional knowledge for continuous skill development

  • Ethics with a focus on autonomy/paternalism
  • The nursing process
  • Nursing interventions
  • Drug management
  • Current laws and regulations
  • Scientific documentation

Teaching and learning take place through individual studies, laboratory sessions, seminars and clinical education and training under supervision. Lectures are given in selected course sections. Participation in laboratory sessions, seminars and clinical education and training is compulsory.

Individual written report. Assessment of professional competence. Grading criteria for Pass and Pass with distinction are stated in the study guide. Only one re-examination/transfer is given for the course in relation to the clinical education and training. If there are special circumstances, additional retakes/transfers can be granted. Special circumstances are those stated in Regulations of the National Agency for Higher Education HSVFS 1999:1.

The course is given for first-cycle studies in the nursing programme and is a clinical education and training course.

Specific entry requirements imply that all prerequisite courses should have a passed grade.
Specific entry requirements when the clinical education and training course takes place in the 4th quarter should be satisfied at the latest by the examination period in the 2nd quarter. Test 4 in O0029H needs to be completed and passed by the first day of the course O0006H/O0019H.
Specific entry requirements when the clinical education and training course takes place in the 2nd quarter should be satisfied at the latest by the re-examination period in August. Test 4 in O0029H needs to be completed and passed by the first day of the course O0019H.

This course, with clinical placement are subject to Special rules regarding clinical placement according to Head of Department decision.

Passing this course constitutes a specific entry requirement for clinical education and training courses later in the program and the thesis.

Study guide is provided in the course room in Canvas.

Sebastian Gabrielsson

Transition terms
The course O0019H is equal to HOV065

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2019 Sp 2 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Ejneborn Looi, G. (2015). Omvårdnad som reflekterande praktik [Elektronisk resurs] : att se och använda alternativ till tvång i psykiatrisk vård. Doc. avh. Luleå: Luleå tekniska univ., 2015. Luleå.
Gabrielsson, S. & Ejneborn Looi, G. (2018). Bemötande i psykiatrin: möten som främjar återhämtning. Stockholm: Gothia fortbildning.
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*The literature has been used in earlier courses
List of articles is in the study guide.

Course offered by
Department of Health Sciences

CodeDescriptionGrade scaleCrStatusFrom periodTitle
0004Individual written report + evaluation prof competenceU G VG *7.50MandatoryA14

Syllabus established
by 15 May 2007

Last revised
by Dean of Department of Health Sciences 22 Aug 2019