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Nursing care with focus on ageing well 7.5 Credits

Omvårdnad med fokus på det goda åldrandet
Second cycle, O7046H
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2016 Sp 1 - Present
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Education level
Second cycle
Grade scale
Subject group (SCB)
Nursing Science

Entry requirements

Bachelor's degree in nursing

More information about English language requirements


The selection is based on 20-285 credits

Course Aim
After attaining the course the student shall have acquired the knowledge to
1.    describe different theories on ageing, and acquired the ability to analyse and assess how the perspective on aging can affect the implementation of nursing care for elderly people  
2.    have the ability to interview and interpret life stories, and relate these life stories to appropriate theories of ageing and the social situation of older people.
3.    Independently assess needs, plan, implement, and evaluate preventive measures and care interventions supporting older people in aging.

- theories of aging
- concepts within gerontology
- aging in the society
- the importance of class, gender and ethnicity
- aging in a life course perspective
- prevention and health promotions
- interview techniques

The course is given in collaboration with the University of Gävle as half-time studies and is web-based. The educational perspective is based on the student having knowledge and experience. The student is assumed to be active and participating in his/her education and responsible for his/her own learning process. The ambition is that the student develops an ability to analyse, explain and evaluate the relationship between the concepts and phenomena that are studied. Learning is stimulated by individual activity, in exchange and interaction with others and linked to the student's own knowledge and earlier experience. The working methods vary between individual work, work in study groups, lectures, literature studies, seminars and directed study assignments adapted to the on-the-job education.

Course aim 1 will be examine through an individual written report
Course aim 2-3 will be examine through an individual written report
In addition it is required to achieve an approved grade in all assignments and activities
together with the lecturer that are described in the web based course instructions.

The course is included in specialist education within elderly care and is given for second-cycle studies. The course is given by the University of Gävle

Stefan Sävenstedt

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2015 Sp 1 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Erikson, E.H, (2004). Den fullbordade livscykeln. Stockholm, Natur och kultur.
Norberg, A., Lundman, B., Santamäki Fisher, R.(red) (2012). Det goda åldrandet, Lund, Studentlitteratur.
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Tornstam, L. (2005). Åldrandets socialpsykologi (7ed). Stockholm, Nordenstedts akademiska förlag.
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Wadensten, B., Carlsson, M. (2003). Theory-driven guidelines for practical care o folder people, based on the theory of gerotranscendence. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 41 (5), 462-470

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Course offered by
Department of Health Sciences

0001Written exam, Individual work, Group work7.5U G VG

Syllabus established
by 07 Feb 2011

Last revised
by 12 Feb 2016