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Organisation, Management and Development in Nursing Care 7.5 Credits

Organisation, ledning och utveckling av omvårdnadsarbetet
Second cycle, O7047H
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2016 Sp 1 - Present
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Education level
Second cycle
Grade scale
Subject group (SCB)
Nursing Science

Entry requirements

Bachelor's degree in nursing

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The selection is based on 20-285 credits

Course Aim
After completing this course the student will have:

Knowledge and understanding
•    how nursing care is influenced by political decisions
•    about team work and its importance in nursing care
•    how to motivate and support staff in reflecting about their care work

Knowledge and skills
•    to assess, analyse and value official guidelines in order to translate into implementation of care
•    to lead and develop nursing care work in collaboration with professional teams and with support of a continues development of quality aspects.

Judegement and approach
•    the ability to value ethical conflicts and dilemmas that can occur in care provided in the governmental sector with support of ethical principles.

Organisation of nursing

•    Official guidelines regulating nursing care
•    Analysis of document as a research method
•    Collaboration between care providers
•    Ethical dilemmas in care organisations


•    Leadership in teams
•    Rolls and values within teamwork
•    The importance of work atmosphere in care work
•    Analysis of interviews as a research method
•    Development of nursing care that includes quality aspects


•    The importance of leadership in care work

The course is a module in the program nursing with a specialisation in care of the elderly. It is carried out by the Mid Sweden University in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology. The studies are carried out by distance, individually and in groups via a web platform. The study form requires the students' active participation in web-based discussions and seminars. Clinical studies are carried out with a specialisation in organisation and leadership as well as quality and development work of nursing of the elderly.

Organization of nursing care, 3hp
The examination includes a written group assignment where subject specific knowledge represent 1hp, and research method 0,5 hp. Clinical related assignments covering 1,5hp are examined individually.

Teamwork, 3hp
The examination includes a written individual assignment where subject specific knowledge and research methods and represent 1,5hp. Clinical related assignments are examined individually with support of the AssCe instrument for advanced studies.

Leadership, 1,5hp
The examination includes a subject specific individual assignment.

Grading criteria
In order to achieve the grade passed (G) for the whole course all stated examinations have to be passed. To archive the grade passed with distinction (VG) all three individual examination assignments have to be graded as passed with distinction (VG) and the group assignment as passed.

The course is included in specialist education within elderly care and is given for second-cycle studies. The course is given by the Mid Sweden University.

Stefan Sävenstedt

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2015 Sp 2 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Obligatorisk litteratur
Angelis, J. & Jordahl, H. Att styra och leda äldreomsorg: Hur går det till och vad kan förbättras? Upplaga: senaste utgåvan Förlag: SNS
Bäck, H. Larsson, T. (2008) Den svenska politiken, Liber,
Edberg, A-C. m.fl. (Red). Omvårdnad på avancerad nivå – kärnkompetenser inom sjuksköterskans
Specialistområden, Senaste upplagan, Studentlitteratur
Nordenfelt, L. (Red.) (2010). Värdighet i vården av äldre personer, Senaste upplagan, Studentlitteratur
Polit, D.F. & Beck C.T.Nursing Research:generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice, senaste utgåvan, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Raadu G. (sammanställd av), Författningshandbok för personal inom hälso- och sjukvården, senaste upplagan, Liber
Sobel, L. & Holm, S. Chefen som coach. En praktisk handbok i det nya ledarskapet, Senaste utgåvan, Liber

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Course offered by
Department of Health Sciences

0001Organization of Nursing Care3.0U G VG
0002Team Work3.0U G VG
0004Nursing - Supervision1.5U G#

Study guidance
Study guidance for the course is to be found in our learning platform Canvas before the course starts. Students applying for single subject courses get more information in the Welcome letter. You will find the learning platform via My LTU.

Syllabus established
by 07 Feb 2011

Last revised
by 12 Feb 2016