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muffle furnace

P0001K, High Temperature Processes

Published: 22 April 2006


This course will give the student a fundamental knowledge concerning processes occuring at high temperature as well as the theoretical grounds for their implementation. Those processes concerning production of the most common metals are of greatest interest. The course will also touch on the areas of combustion technology, gas cleaning technology and generation/utilization of solid by-products.

Recommended prerequisites

Physical Chemistry with thermodynamics in focus.

Course contents

-Overview of the Swedish metallurgical industry.

-Theoretical grounds for implementation of high temperature processes: Mass and energy balances, chemical equilibrium, activities, solution thermodynamics, slag chemistry, calculation exercises.

-Process systems: Combination of unit operations for process systems in steel production, copper production, etc.

-Environmental technology: Implementation of different gas cleaning operations such as cyclones, electrofilters, etc.

-Field trip

Teaching block

The teaching block consists of lectures, laboratory, field trips and project work. Attendance and participation in laboratory work and all field trips is mandatory.

Examination block

The examination block consists of a graded written exam and approved lab and project reports during the duration of the course.

Grading scale: F , 4.5, 6, 7.5


Exam  5

Other  2.5