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P7006K, High Temperature Materials

Published: 22 April 2006


This course will give the student in-depth knowledge of chemical reactions between metal melts, slags and refractory material encompassing mineral and mineral product structure, composition and properties. Sections covering melt thermodynamics, crystallography, reaction kinetics, phase diagram theory, ceramic technology will also be addressed.

Recommended Prerequisites

Crystallography and Thermodynamics.

Course contents

Thermodynamics: Solubility models for melt phases, ideal and non-ideal solutions.

Phase Analysis: Microscopy, X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis.

Crystallography: Metal and oxide crystal structure, amorphous structure, glasses, structure determination, defects, diffusion.

Phase diagram theory: Gibbs phase rule, one-, two- and
three component systems, construction of phase diagrams, phase analysis diagrams, non-equillibrium phases and reactions.

Kinetics: Homogenous and heterogenous reaction technology, phases transitions, TTT diagram, solid phase reactions, crystal grain growth.

Ceramic technology: Sintring, production methods, ceramic microstructure, physical and mechanical properties, technical applications. Plastic deformation, heat treatment, corrosion.

Teaching block

The teaching block consists of lectures and laboratory work.

Examination block

The examination block consists of a graded written exam and approved lab and project reports during the duration of the course.

Grading scale: U , 3, 4, 5

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