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Operational Personnel Management 7.5 credits

Operativt personalarbete
First cycle, S0034A
Course syllabus valid: Spring 2022 Sp 3 - Present
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Education level
First cycle
Grade scale
U G VG *
Subject group (SCB)

Entry requirements

In order to meet the general entry requirements for first cycle studies you must have successfully completed upper secondary education and documented skills in English language and completed at least 60 credits in the subject Psychology or Sociology, and completed the following courses with at least a passing grade; Employment Law (J0009N) 15 credits and Groups and Individuals in Working Life (S0028A) 7,5 credits, or equivalent.

More information about English language requirements


The selection is based on 1-165 credits.

Course Aim
After the course the student shall show knowledge of and be able to put into practice the ideas of personnel management, its applications and methods of working.

Personnel management is studied from the social psychological perspective with focus on the individual. The course includes theoretical and applied studies of personnel policies, organizational change, communication, crises and conflicts, coaching, motivatio processes and investigation work in personnel management.

Each course occasion´s language and form is stated and appear on the course page on Luleå University of Technology's website.
Lectures, field studies and seminars with mandatory attendance.

If there is a decision on special educational support, in accordance with the Guideline Student's rights and obligations at Luleå University of Technology, an adapted or alternative form of examination can be provided.
Seminars and Reports

Students must register to the courses themselves or contact the ETS educational administration not later than three days after the quarter commences. Failure to do so can result in the place being lost. This also applies to the students with a place guarantee.

Saila Piippola

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2021 Sp 1 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Edlund, Lena (2010) Etik i arbetslivet. En träningsbok för chefer och medarbetare. Malmö: Liber.
Heide, Mats, Johansson, Catrin & Simonsson, Charlotte (2012) Kommunikation i organisationer. Malmö: Liber second edition.
Larsen, Rolf-Petter (2002) Konflikter och oenigheter på arbetsplatsen. Lund: Studentlitteratur.
Ulfsdotter Eriksson, Ylva (2013) Personalvetenskap som förhållningssätt. Malmö: Liber
Articles may be added

Reference literature: Berglund, Tomas & Schedin, Stefan (red.) (2009) Arbetslivet. Lund: Studentlitteratur.
Lindmark, Anders & Önnevik, Thomas (2011) Human Resource Management Organisationens hjärta. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

Course offered by
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts

CodeDescriptionGrade scaleCrStatusFrom periodTitle
0006SeminarsU G#2.50MandatoryA16
0007Indivisual reportU G VG *5.00MandatoryA16

Syllabus established
Established 2008-12-07 by the Department of Human Work Sciences.

Last revised
by Director of Undergraduate Studies Daniel Örtqvist, Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts 04 Nov 2021