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Conceptual design of buildings 5 Credits

Konceptuell utformning av byggnader
Second cycle, S7011B
Course syllabus valid: Spring 2016 Sp 3 - Present
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Education level
Second cycle
Grade scale
U G#
Steel Structures
Subject group (SCB)
Building Technology

Entry requirements

S7004B Steel Structures or courses necessary for admission at SUSCOS program

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The selection is based on 20-285 credits

Course Aim
The students should, after the successful accomplishment of the course, be able to conceptually design a building through the selection, in a wide range of structural solutions. They will be able to choose the most appropriate solution based on the comprehensive analysis of various possibilities. To achieve these skills, students will not only rely on their knowledge of technical solutions, but also on their acquired ability to integrate various conceptual aspects such as the feasibility and the economy of the project.

The course consists of two main parts: structural elements and systems, and the critical appraisal of construction techniques.

In the first part the structural elements and design situations of the basis are analysed, such as a member in tension, compression members and arches, trusses (plane and spatial), members in bending, connections, bracing systems, frames, conceptual aspects of buildings.

In the second part the critical appraisal of construction techniques is considered by analysing: beam or column elements made of steel, concrete, composite (steel-concrete elements), timber, rolled, built‐up, with or without openings. In addition, connections: rigid, semi‐rigid are considered in different structural elements made of steel or composite, timber. Construction of building elements such as floors made of concrete, composite, precast, slim floors. In addition, roofs, claddings are considered in multi‐storey and industrial application.

Students have to achieve the conceptual design of a particular building on the basis of assumed realistic design requirements provided by the lecturers within the 1st project. A feasibility study will also be carried out. In the 2nd project assignment students are asked to observe existing buildings, to select one of these and to analyse it.

Lectures, project assignments and consultations.

Approved project assignments are required to pass the course.
Grading: Passed or not passed.

Ove Lagerqvist

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2014 Sp 1 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Silva L.S., Simoes R., Gervásio, H.: Design of steel structures. ECCS Eurocode Design Manuals,Ernst & Sohn, 2010, 438 p.
Trahair N.S., Bradford M.A., Nerthercot D.A., Gardner L.: The behaviour and design of steel structures to EC3. Taylor & Francis, 2008, 490 p.
Balio G., Mazzolani F.M.: Design of steel structures, FNSpon, London, 1999

Course offered by
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering

0001Written exam3.0U G#
0002Assignments2.0U G#

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