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Surface Engineering 7.5 Credits

Second cycle, T7004T
Course syllabus valid: Autumn 2017 Sp 1 - Present
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Education level
Second cycle
Grade scale
G U 3 4 5
Engineering Materials
Subject group (SCB)
Materials Technology

Entry requirements

The course requires basic knowledge in materials science and engineering, solid mechanics and physics.

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The selection is based on 20-285 credits

Course Aim
The aim for this course is to provide the student with:
  • basic knowledge about different methods of surface modification and surface treatment
  • in-depth understanding of how different material structures affects the surface properties
  • knowledge of different physical laws and chemical reactions which affects the physical and mechanical properties of material surfaces
  • in-depth understanding of tribological processes and knowledge of other aspects of the surface performance
  • basic knowledge of different analytical techniques for surface analysis and characterisation of their performance

Different methods for modification of material surfaces and surface treatment. Atomistic and microstructural description of surfaces together with morphological and surface topographical description of surfaces. The effect of surface energy, surface tension and wetting on the physical and mechanical properties of surfaces. Friction in sliding as well as rolling under dry and lubricated conditions. Different types of wear such as adhesive wear, abrasive wear, surface fatigue, fretting and erosive wear. Impact of corrosion on wear processes. Different methods for characterisation of surfaces especially from a tribological point of view. Surface engineering for friction and wear control.

Lectures and laboratory project work. The laboratory project work is obligatory.

Written exam with differentiated grades, approved laboratory project work.

Esa Vuorinen

Transition terms
The course T7004T is equal to MPC005

Literature. Valid from Autumn 2013 Sp 1 (May change until 10 weeks before course start)
Batchelor, A.W., Loh Nee Lam. & Chandrasekaran, M. (2011). Materials degradation and its control by surface engineering [Elektronisk resurs]. (3rd ed.) London: Imperial College Press.

Course offered by
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics

0001Written exam5.2G U 3 4 5
0002Laboratory work2.3U G#

Study guidance
Study guidance for the course is to be found in our learning platform Canvas before the course starts. Students applying for single subject courses get more information in the Welcome letter. You will find the learning platform via My LTU.

Syllabus established
The syllabus was established by the Department of Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering 2007-02-28, and remains valid from autumn 2007.

Last revised
by Mats Näsström 13 Feb 2017