Datateknik högskkoleingenjör

Welcome information

Congratulations – you have made a smart choice!

The introduction weeks for international students include a variety of activities that aim to help you settle in smoothly at the University and in student life.

There will be a lot of activities organised for you and we encourage you to participate in as many of these as you can; they are organised in order to make you feel welcome in Luleå. They will provide a great opportunity for you to make new friends, both Swedish and other international students, and a chance for you to learn more about Swedish culture and society.

In order to keep your place of study, you must come and register yourself during the Study Start Day. Please check your programme's welcome information below.

We are glad you have chosen to study with us. Experience the special atmosphere at Luleå University of Technology and the great cohesion our students rave about.


Answers to your questions about literature, registration, LTU card, course rooms, etc., see Getting Started guides in the menu. As a course student at Luleå University of Technology, you get access to the virtual course room via My LTU. There you will find the Welcome Pack that is specific to your course. You should have access to the virtual course room the day after you have registered for your course. If you do not have access the day after registration, please contact the Student Reception Desk. Remember to notify discontinuation of the course as soon as possible if you are not attending the course.  Notification before registration can be made via If it is within three weeks after the first date of registration you can do an early course discontinuation via My LTU.