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COVID-19 and the beginning of term

Details regarding Orientation Week will be made available upon arrival.

Those starting Term 1 will be given priority for classroom teaching at the university. Below you will find updated information that is aimed at all our students that relates to your studies.

The university follows the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. It is important that you stay updated via this page.

Information for students

Published: 10 March 2020

Updated 30 June 15.10.
The university has continued monitoring and increased preparedness regarding the development of Covid-19. The development is continuously monitored by the university's central coordination group. During the summer, this page will be updated when needed. The latest information is always at the top.

The latest information

Welcome to all students to the Autumn – with adjustments during reading period 1, see below.

Protect yourself and others. Do not forget to get vaccinated!Information about vaccination in Västerbotten can be found on this website.Information about vaccination in Norrbotten can be found on this website.
Information about vaccination against Covid-19 for students who are intending to come to LTU for exchange in autumn 2021 can be found on FAQ.

You can get vaccinated in another region or in a different place than where you are registered. This could be, for example, if you work or study in another place or live elsewhere in the summer. Read more on 1177.

Welcome as a student this Autumn 2021

The Vice-Chancellor has decided on Reading Period 1 and resit.
Teaching takes place at digitally and on site. The students who are new to the university are given priority for on-site teaching.
Students who participate in courses with elements that require physical attendance is also be given priority for attendance at the university.
The university has taken a number of measures, but it is also a great individual responsibility that everyone, follows the regulations and advice from Public Health Agency of Sweden as well as the university's instructions. Recommendation on distance education has been removed from 1 June. The above planning applies. Notify that the period for re-examination in August is digital.

About teaching and exam

You who are a student: If possible, only stay in the university's premises for scheduled teaching or examination.The recommendation from university is also to have selfstudies at home and in small groups.

Regulations and guidelines

Everyone is urged to continue to be restrictive and follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden´s general regulations and general guidelines. 

About hand alcohol

Hand alcohol must be available in places where it is not possible to wash hands at the university.
The public health authority recommends hand washing in warm water for 20 seconds and hand alcohol where it is not possible to wash your hands. Read more under the heading Wash your hands often on the Swedish Public Health Agency's page .

Recommendations to avoid the spread of infection

  • Important! Stay home if you are sick!
  • All staff / students who show the slightest sign of a cold / respiratory symptom must stay at home, according to the Swedish Public Health Agency's information . Wait at least two days after recovering before going to work or school.
  • Wash your hands often, avoid touching your face and eyes, and close contact with sick people.
  • Anders Nystedt, infection control doctor at the Norrbotten Region, gives tips in covid-19 times in this film.
  • If you have met anyone or anyone in the household who has been diagnosed with covid-19, read the Public Health Agency's information.

Sampling Covid-19

  • The Norrbotten Region announces that people with cold symptoms can take a covid-19 test. Region Västerbotten also conducts tests.
  • You who have a confirmed covid-19 infection should stay at home for at least seven days after you have fallen ill.You should also have been fever-free the last two days and clearly feel better, according to the Public Health Agency , see the heading How can we reduce the spread of infection.
  • It is Region Norrbotten's infection tracing unit that initiates infection tracing and discussion about possible measures at workplaces and schools. At the Public Health Agency, you can read about how it goes to

This applies to the exam

Read more here.

For International Master Students

Information for International Master Students in FAQ, the English version.

Information about teaching

  • All students must be prepared for physical education.
  • Students are recommended to monitor their LTU email and Log in to Ladok and check that your e-mail and telephone number are correct.

Be critical of sources and stay updated

Follow the information of the expert authorities and check information that is disseminated in the media and on social media and stay updated on this page.

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