In the beginning at LTU

The introduction week for international students include a variety of activities that aim to help you settle in smoothly at the University and in student life.

There will be a lot of activities organized for you and we encourage you to participate in as many of these as you can; they are organized in order to make you feel welcome in Luleå. They will provide a great opportunity for you to make new friends, both Swedish and other international students, and a chance for you to learn more about Swedish culture and society.

Registration day

Registration Day is obligatory for programme students. If you do not turn up and register at the day given to you, you may lose your place on the programme.

Term registration (programme students only)

To keep your place on the programme you need to personally register for the term at your study location on Registration Day. You will also need to present identification that validates your identity.


Course registration (everybody)

You need to register for the course(s) that you intend to study during the first three days of the quarter unless otherwise specified. You can register via the registration service. Please note that when the registration period has ended you cannot register yourself for the course. Please contact the International Office.