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Photo: Melina Granberg

"We provide good conditions"

Published: 11 April 2017

Hello there, who are you?

- Pär Sunden is an athletic and community interested person in his prime who works as a lecturer in Law at Luleå University of Technology.

In what courses will the students meet you?

- In our estate agent programs I teach various courses related to marketing, corporate and association.

How are you as a teacher?

- I think I experienced as engaged in the subjects I teach. I also try to contribute to a good environment for learning in the classroom.

Why is it so fun to teach?

- To see how the students develop during the training, both in terms of subject but also as human beings are incredibly stimulating. Within the legal elements of the real estate brokerage program, we work a lot with how different rules apply and practice to writing and orally present various forms of legal problems. To participate in the learning process, in which students develop their legal and language skills are extremely fascinating.

What do you want the students to learn from your courses?

- In the legal science courses that I give in the real estate brokerage program the student is given the knowledge of justice and legal enforcement in various areas of law. On the legal survey course for realtors the student may, for example, get knowledge and understanding of the legal rules that govern when a contract is legally binding. A student who has these skills and know how to go about solving legal problems have important tools to meet today's and tomorrow's labor.

Why study the Estate Agents program?

- Because it's a good education that provides good conditions for work not only as a broker but also in related industries such as real estate, insurance companies and banks.