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Published: 29 February 2012

Frequently Asked Questions about Health Guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Health Guidance distant education

What does it mean to read a distant education?
The training is at a distance with inside weeks which means that students are on the Luleå campus in batches a week at a time about 3-4 times per semester. On these occasions , attendance is compulsory.

What is taught when the program is at a distance?
Some lectures are recorded and others are interactive, We use among other things of pedagogy flipped classroom and it means that you have seen a recorded lecture and read literature before the lesson . At the lecture you work together with other students with the information in the online classroom. Sometimes it is also lectures in real time in your classroom. Examinations, seminars and method exercises done both in your class room and the campus weeks.


What can I get for a job as a health counselor?
Today there is a need in the labor market of people who have a salutary approach, ie working with the factors that contribute to and maintain health. Employers seeking this expertise can be municipalities , authorities ( social insurance , employment ) and county . Health guidance can also work on the wellness facilities and the self-employed . During the training, the opportunity to plan for their own career development .

Can I get a job after graduation?
It tends to be that some have jobs and some do not. Several had been employed in workplaces where they had done their practical part of education that is the clinical education. Read more on the web about professional health counselors

The programs third year.

During the fifth semester you can read elective courses, we can offer two, Stressphysiolgy an Personal trainer. There is also room for study abroad or at another university to "niche" in on any topic within the health and wellness industry. This obviously increases employability. In the spring semester of the third year you write a graduate thesis in order to immerse themselves in a selected topic under the topic Health Promotion.

I study a lot on its own as a distance student?
You will have a lot of tasks to be solved together with others. There are opportunities to create sessions for student groups via online classroom. Of course, Skype and other interactive media are used.

What differentiates a distance program from a program running on Campus?
As a student in a distance program, you have the same rights, obligations and responsibilities of those who read on-campus programs. Goals and requirements are the same, and of course you can study together with others but with the help of interactive media. An example of what is most important as a distance student is to be daily read his mail.

What does it take for the equipment to read from a distance?
Computer and Internet access at home or through the learning center, library or another solution where you have a broadband speed of 0.5 Mbit / s in both directions, preferably 2.0 Mbit / s You can measure the speed of . You also need a headset with microphone and a webcam for meetings / seminars with online classroom What you need to participate and download and upload materials.

Can you use mobile broadband?
Our experience is that there could be problems because the connection speed and quality may vary. Connection speed can also vary with the subscription form. The development is progressing in this area, and the important thing is that you have a broadband connection that works.

Do I need special computer skills?
No, not special but good computer skills easier because much of the teaching is done interactively via the web.You will be producing their own material, such reports are written in Word and submitted in the course management system and presentations that are written in PowerPoint and presented in the online classroom.

How can I stay in the Luleå campus weeks?
There are many different solutions to the accommodation for you as a distance student, on the LTU website you can read more about living in Luleå. The Student is a heading called Accommodation & Student Life where you can find that information. Read more

Do I get to zero period?
It is a requirement to get to Luleå University and enroll in zero period, we recommend that you participate during the entire period of zero because they contain important information and training in remote tools and study techniques that are useful to know when courses start. The admissions letter, you will learn when and how the zero period hälsovägledarprogrammet looks.