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Catrine Kostenius LTU
Catrine Kostenius is glad that health promotion is given place in a textbook for nurses.

Health promotion in new book for education of nurses

Published: 28 November 2013

The importance of human encounters in health care and to more than today focus on such things as pointing in a positive direction is treated in a new textbook for including nursing students. Health Promotion chapter meetings and conversations in primary written by Catrine Kostenius, assistant professor in the Department of Health, LTU.

The book's title is Nursing in primary care / Studentlitteratur 2013.

-I am glad that health promotion is highlighted within the nursing and they invited me to write about it, says Catrine Kostenius.

Health promotion perspective is an alternative approach to health care, an approach that does not involve treatment or prevention work.

- Health promotion focuses on what is healthy and good in man. I often say that we have two eyes. With one look critically and see it as not good, with the second, we see opportunities and what is good, says Catrine Kostenius.

-The eye that sees opportunities, we need to strengthen.  And it does not mean that we should close our eyes to what we see with a critical eye, she says.

Catrine Kostenius chapter also discusses the importance of the nurse's own health in order to meet other people in their work.

-I'm glad the book's editor thought it was important that this aspect also came with says Catrine Kostenius.