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Photo: Privat
Lotta Berglund (on the pic), education leader at the programme for Health Guidance, and Anna-Karin Linqvist, researcher in physiotherapy at Luleå University of Technology, went to the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, to plan the project. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

International student collaboration on health

Published: 30 March 2016

In April, the students on the programme for Health Guidance will implement a project together with students from University of Texas at Austin, UT, United States. It is the first time international cooperation takes place between programs at the universities. The project is carried out with distance technology in the course Health promotion in society.

– This is a way to develop the internationalization of the program for Health Guidance. Along with our contact person from UT at Austin we have now worked out how the collaboration will be performed. It will be great fun to let our students complete the project together with their students, says Lotta Berglund, education leader at the Bachelor Programme in Health Guidance at Luleå University of Technology.

Work with web service

Students at the programme for Health Guidance at Luleå University of Technology will work in the course Health Promotion in the community with factors that strengthen the health in the community. The project will create of a film placed in the web service TED-Ed along with some questions to the students in Austin about their experiences of, for example, unemployment in the United States. The students at UT in Austin discuss the questions during a lecture and send back responses through TED-Ed. The responses are discussed by the Health Guidance students in a seminar, which then give feedback to the students in the United States.

Develop cooperation with Austin

Since there are already contacts and partnerships established between universities, the project received the start that was needed. Anna-Karin Lindqvist, researcher in physiotherapy at Luleå University of Technology and Darla Castelli, a professor at UT in Austin, already cooperates in the area of ​​children, youth and physical activity.

Lotta Berglund and Anna-Karin Lindqvist had sought funds from the Educational Development Fund, which made it possible to travel to the university in Austin and collaboration on the idea.

– We had first thought that the students would be working with Skype or Adobe, but Darla Castelli contributed with the final piece of technology that felt a little shaky. The cooperation feels very good and we hope that the students will enjoy the project as much as we, says Lotta Berglund.