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 Linn Fijal, Riksmixningsverket

Linn Fijal - Riksmixningsverket

Published: 10 April 2012

Linn Fijal graduated in 2010 and currently works as a studio manager at Riksmixningsverket. Riksmixningsverket (RMV) is a studio built by musicians for musicians, housed in a magazine from the mid-1800s on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. It's Benny Andersson, who is behind the studio and Linn is thus studio manager.

- A job that involves everything from recording and mix of service responsibilities and paperwork, says Linn.

Importance of training

Internships are very important during the education, and students get the opportunity to wish a sound company that they want to practice on during the second and third year. The third year also includes courses in audio engineering research, research methodology and a final independent graduation, ultimately leading to bachelor's degree with a focus sound engineering.

- The program is a comprehensive basis and can be much more depending on what you make of it. There is skill, good equipment and premises. You have access to premises and equipment around the clock so it is easy to practice what you learn in the courses, there Linn current and prospective students.