Maria Andrén – Kungsbacka theater

Published: 26 August 2014

Maria Andrén graduated from the programme in 2006. Today she works at Kungsbacka theater which is a guest stage and that she runs her own business and works as a freelance. Mainly in live sound.

"I appreciated the mix of much theory and practice. I started studying with no prior knowledge and learned a lot. For a committed student, there are number of projects at any time to throw yourself into. We worked a lot with the other programs and more than often we stayed during the evenings in one of the studios and mixed live concerts, recorded music projects, broadcasted radio or television programs, or built on some gadget. There is plenty of room to try different things, make mistakes and do the right thing and learn. got too many good contacts through internships I was on. remember Piteå and education as a very positive period in my life. "