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Nanni Johansson, Polar studios

Nanni Johansson - Polar studios

Published: 10 April 2012

Nanni Johansson graduated in 2011 and now works including the Polar Studio, originally created by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus with Stig Anderson's Polar Music.


- I work mainly in Polar Studio but also travels around to other studios where I work with service, recording and mixing. Among other things, rebuilding and renovating the mixing console and other audio equipment, says Nanni


Students from the sound technician program in the School of Music, Luleå University of Technology,  after graduation finds work at SR, SVT, TV4, music studios, companies in film sound engineering, mastering, sound design, video games, the PA sound and theaters. Many people operate their businesses as separate companies and Nanni describes a flexible labor market.


- Through my service work, I contacted various studios and can sometimes have the opportunity to work there when they need such as recording engineer.

The program develops

Since 2007, when education became a Bachelor Programme in Audio Technology, it holds even greater opportunities. Students can now with the help of modern sound equipment, record concerts given by the school's music students. Latest addition to the School of Music are nearby Studio Acusticum, a unique concert hall with variable acoustics where parts of the teaching now takes place. Alumni Nanni Johansson also describes education as versatile with a good foundation in acoustics, electronics and recording technology

- What I appreciated the program was that we had access to so much equipment and premises around the clock. We had plenty of time to learn and teachers excited us to practice. You get a really good foundation, says Nanni.