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Karolina Parding

"I want the students to put themselves in the driver's seat in terms of their own learning"

Published: 13 March 2019

Karolina Parding is a professor in Human Work Sciences and teaches at the Sociology program.

In which courses do students meet you?

– The students meet me already in the autumn term in grade one - when we work with sociological essay writing. Then they meet me all the way through the education until the degree project that I lead, which is the last course during grade three. The courses I teach are preferably method courses, where we work with everything from problem formulation to implementation of empirical studies, to writing these studies and its results in essay format.

How are you as a teacher?

– It is always difficult to know how the students perceive one. But I see myself as a committed teacher. I have high demands on the students, but also on myself as a teacher. Full-time studies are demanding, and it is necessary to really spend the time needed to achieve the course goals. Before each course I usually write in the study guide how many hours the course actually corresponds, this to clarify that an effort is required to acquire the knowledge you need to acquire. The other day I received an email from a student who wrote that she thought the seminar I was leading felt "very easy, relaxed and non-judgmental", such feedback feels great to get! You don't have to be stiff and angry just because you have high demands I think.

Why is it so fun to teach?

– I really enjoy teaching. In fact, I have been teaching since I went to basic education, then as a teacher in primary and secondary school, mainly in Spanish. All teaching is all about sharing something you find so exciting and interesting, trying to create commitment through your own interest. And when I see that my students are evolving and as well as coming to that aha-moment ... It is so much fun, as a reward for my work.

What do you want the students to bring with you from your courses?

– I want the students to bring many things with them! Above all, it's about seeing how many different exciting issues they can work with as sociologists. But it is also about them really learning the process of formulating a problem, and then carrying out their investigation and get an exciting result, and that the key to succeed is about learning to write scientific argumentation. And, of course, I want them to put themselves in the driver's seat when it comes to their own learning.

Why should you read the sociology program at Luleå University of Technology?

– The Sociology program at Luleå University of Technology is a program with many advantages. Although we of course have lectures, we also have many seminars in smaller groups, group supervision and also to some extent individual supervision. It's really luxurious. We as teachers often use our own research projects as examples in the teaching, which gives the students an insight into what sociologists are researching about, and of course also when the so-called research front lies.