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Photo: Emma Bergström Wuolo

Jazz Musicians + Dance Teachers = Space

Published: 18 March 2014

For 10 weeks, students from Luleå University of Technology Dance teaching programme and Musical arts candidate with jazz specilisation have been working together. The result is the performance Space.

The show has been a part of the courses Music - instruments ensemble, jazz musician 4 and Intermediate course in dancing and learning. The process began with the dancers and musicians composed the music and choreography in separate locations. Then began the process of merging them.

- It has been very challenging. For me it is completely new to write music for choreography. It's exciting because I have been inspired and have had to take in the dance and feel what the dancer wants to say with it, says the pianist Erik Åström.

Both dancers and musicians have worked with improvisation. Dance Teacher student Lena Sahlén appreciate the cooperation with another program.

- It's been fun. I've never worked with live music before. It has a lot to do to put together dance and music into a whole and to bring together multiple wills, says Lena Sahlén.

After 10 weeks showed the performance space in the university auditorium Black Box.

Cast candidate students in music: Arvid Fahlander, Calle Stenman, Erik Åström, Jens Marklund, Michael Nitsche and Simon Fransman.

Starring dance student teachers: Jenny Jungebro, Lena Sahlén, Liv Trulsson and Magdalena Qvarford.

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