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Photo: Studenternas egna fotografier

School meals can be an experience

Published: 4 June 2012

The goal was to improve the meal experience for students and teachers at Klubbgärdsskolan in Piteå

The students were to improve the meal experience within the course Sensory and gastronomy, and this to a real client . In this case, the customer was Piteå kommun and s, students and teachers at Klubbgärdsskolan in Piteå.

- We were on a field trip in the dining room to get the task presented to us and see the room we were working with. Then we also got to go there again in  smaller groups for lunch, observe and see what was the real problem, says student Josefin Enstrom

Problems, solutions and feedback

After finding the problem areas such as noise, stress and lack of peace and quiet students worked in groups to develop solutions. The concepts presented for teachers Bjorn Ylipää, Krister Efverström, Lisa Hellmer and nine municipal employees, including Piteå nutrition director Maria Stoltz, technology and service committee chairman Christer Lindstrom, Ingela Wiklund, and principal of the school Bo Astrom.

- We received incredible feedback from clients and look forward to continued collaboration. This year's mission was a pilot project in a short time. Maria Stoltz said that they focus a lot on food, but often forget the overall meal experience so they want to work more on this, says Josefin proud