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Study Experiene Production at LTU

Published: 10 June 2011

Being a producer experience is fun, creative but also challenging and demanding. You must have good control of the experiences that people are interested and willing to pay for. The function fills experiences in people's lives. What experiences are and how they designed and built to create a Wow-esteem. What is required to experience a success and to fulfill their function - of meaning and fulfillment of dreams. How to use your knowledge and your creativity to produce meaningful experiences.

You need experience as producer to keep track of a lot of fun things to create rewarding and meaningful experiences. Therefore, this is a really great education.

The training will prepare you for a key position in the entertainment industry. We give you the basic skills required. You shape since your knowledge to the field of entertainment industry you are interested. We offer specialized courses in tourism, events and media. Other special skills, you can supplement with other departments or colleges. However, you must develop your expertise by gaining experience (portfolio), develop your leadership skills and attitudes and learn to translate their knowledge of education and training in your details in the entertainment industry. It is therefore a demanding training - for a demanding and tough but interesting, fun and creative professionals.

In the spring of 2008 was the first "class" who went out in the Master's Experience Production. Exam students celebrated in the new Studio Acusticum.

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